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7 Things Elite Sales People Do That You Probably Don’t

I read a great article from Jimmy Burgess, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in northwest Florida. The article, written for Realtors, details seven things that elite agents do, that the typical agent does not. I believe his list is accurate and I want to share it with you as well as my own commentary and modifications.

1.) They track their numbers

Every leader knows their numbers, whether it be the financial numbers, sales numbers, stock price target, etc. Corporate leaders are obsessed with numbers because numbers reveal everything. Leaders and companies get in trouble when they ignore or conceal numbers. You can’t “fudge” the numbers and continue to stay at the top because eventually, numbers don’t lie. Elon Musk recently pulled out of the Twitter deal because, as he states, the numbers given by Twitter were false. They can figure out their differences later, but the truth is this, leaders know and track their numbers.

2) They reinvest back in their business

Every leader knows that they must invest in their business. They cannot simply take all the profits every month. Companies need reserves, they need capital, and they need to invest in advertising, marketing, research and development.

3) They time block their schedules

Every leader controls their own schedule and they must determine what the priorities are for their businesses and themselves. Years ago, I read an article in INC Magazine that encouraged leaders of Start Ups to say yes to 95% of all appointment requests because they never know if one of those meetings will result in the company going to the next level. After a company has some stability, it’s okay, and encouraged, to say no to appointments that no longer line up with the direction of the business.

As your company grows, you must grow as well. Time blocking your schedule allows you to focus on priorities that only you can and should do. Without time blocking, the important things get tossed by the wayside and you don’t progress like you should.

4) They study their local market daily

Your market is unique to your business and you should know what is happening in your market. Don’t take your eyes off of the bigger picture and get tied up on the small things. Great leaders see trends and it gives them a competitive edge. Be the leader that knows, understands, and interprets the market for others.

5) They consistently communicate with other top agents

Networking among business leaders is key. In his book, What It Takes, Stephen A. Schwarzman, gives countless examples of how he put together business deals by leveraging personal relationships he maintained over the years. He kept in touch with both business and political leaders. When he needed (or wanted) to accomplish things, he made a call to someone he’d known before. Even as a Republican, he had the private cell number of President Obama, and worked with his administration on many issues affecting his business.

6) They hire for their weaknesses

Leaders know that they are not good at everything and delegate areas of weakness to others. Leaders that think they can do it all by themselves get stuck and can’t move on after a certain level is reached. It’s different for each of us, but hiring others to do things that you are not good at frees you up to do what you are really good at.

7) They work harder than anyone else

Leaders work hard. There’s no substitute for hard work if you want to continue to grow personally and you want to see your company grow. You must work hard and you don’t need to take your cues from others when it comes to your work ethic. My mornings start early, when the house is silent, so that I can read my Bible, pray, and write. When I’m at the office, I work. I don’t waste time. All great leaders arrange their days for maximum output so the effectiveness of their hard work is multiplied.

I’m not advocating being a workaholic. Your health, your family, and friends need to be a top priority as well. A Sabbath is necessary to regain strength and focus even though there are times when you just need to put in the hours to get something done.

Leadership is not easy. If it were, everyone would be a leader.

Let me know how these seven things resonate with you.

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