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Leadership Series | H = Hope

The Training Director in one of my companies shared an image with me that said, “When you eliminate fear from your organization, very good things happen.” That truth is spot on! But how do you eliminate fear?

Leaders who lead well dispel fear by proving a hope and a future by looking forward to see what is coming ahead and then preparing them for what is to come.

I’ve defined fear as “False Evidence Appearing Real”. Most fears are never actualized. But fear holds people back from doing and being their best.

The world’s greatest leaders have been able to dig deep within to find the courage needed to inspire others to greatness. They did so, not by ignoring reality, but by acknowledging it and then encouraging those around them to embrace the challenges despite those dangers.

Personally, I find great hope and inspiration within the pages of the Bible as I lead. I read passages in Proverbs and Psalms that remind me that I serve a good God who has a future and a plan for me. I am reminded that I have His resources to draw upon when I am weak.

The reality is this, we cannot do it alone. We need help and those that we lead need our help to inspire and encourage them.

One of the greatest privileges I have is to inspire individuals to greatness. So many times I’ve sat across the table from someone who had so much potential but lacked the vision to see it for themselves. Over the years, I’ve seen many of those people go on to become industry leaders with amazing companies.

So where do you find your hope? Who are you leading? Stay focused on the future and provide that vision to those you lead.

As a small business coach, I work with CEOs that need and want help. My strengths include strategic thinking, vision casting, and ideation. So, if you are struggling with how to make your business flourish with a clear vision, we should talk today.

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