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I Have As Much Fear As Anyone Else

“I have as much fear as anyone else. The difference is what I do with it.”

I came across that quote when reading an article on LinkedIn, by Katica Roy. It got me thinking.

As a business owne...

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A New Challenge Helps Me Grow In All Areas

How committed are you to starting something new? How committed are you to really growing? That’s the question I have to ask myself everytime I get on my mountain bike to ride with my son’s high school mountain biking team.

We recently ha...

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A River of Peace

When your world is in an uproar, where do you go and who do you turn to for peace? 

I’ve learned that I cannot find peace anywhere in the comforts of this world. My only long lasting peace comes from God in heaven who watches over me and ...

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I Don’t Have Much To Offer

Inspiration and encouragement come from many different places, some of them unexpected.

While I normally find inspiration in church for me, as a Christian, I don’t often hear something that comes directed toward me specifically. That wasn'...

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Are You Watching Or Waiting?

In his book, Take Cover, Philip De Courcy shares this story:

Growing up in Northern Ireland, I remember my Pastor Ivan Thompson telling the story of a fishing fleet from a village in Scotland heading home. They had been out to sea for severa...

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What Makes a Company a Company? 

Sometimes a company is built around a product, birthed from the creativity of its creator. Sometimes a company is built around a cause or social issue. Sometimes a company is built around an idea or passion. Other companies, like IMPACT Propert...

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What Has Been Entrusted To You?

All throughout history traditions, beliefs, and values have been handed down from one generation to another. When something is handed down to the next generation they are entrusted with that thing.

In the Bible, I’ve been reading through 1...

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