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Leadership Series | Summary

It is my hope that the Leadership Series has been helpful in helping you identify ways to improve as a leader. Although the list is not fully exhaustive, it does provide a general overview of what it ...

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When You Have No Money To Give

Americans just celebrated Thanksgiving and then went on a spending spree. Black Friday spending was a record $9.12 Billion and Cyber Monday spending hit $11.3 Billion! That’s over $20 Billion in spending this year. Immediately following Cyber...

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Leadership Series | P =Plans

Planning is key to successful leadership.

Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.” He is right. You cannot succeed as a leader if you fail to plan.

At the risk of stating the obvious, you as the leader n...

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Leadership Series | I =Integrity

Greg Laurie, pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, gave a sermon on integrity that I have never forgotten. In this sermon he defined the root word of integrity, which is integer.

According to an integer is a mathematical ter...

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Leadership Series | H = Hope

The Training Director in one of my companies shared an image with me that said, “When you eliminate fear from your organization, very good things happen.” That truth is spot on! But how do you eliminate fear?

Leaders who lead well dispel...

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Leadership Series | S = Servant

Jesus is the best example of servant leadership. Although He was God, He became a man to seek and save the lost. He served His disciples, widows, outcasts, diseased, and the lowliest of all criminals. He even served the one that would betray Hi...

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Leadership Series | R = Ready

A leader is always ready and prepared.

Do you notice that I didn’t say equipped? Instead, I said leaders are ready. They are ready to learn, ready to take action, ready to start or stop as needed.

Although I’ve never been in the milit...

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Leadership Series | E = Entrenched

There are leaders who lose interest in the company they lead. For many entrepreneurs, they lose interest because the day to day mundane tasks become like handcuffs and imprison the creative and ambitious soul. The daily drudge drains the dream ...

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Leadership Series | D = Delegated

Leaders need to learn how to delegate. I believe it was Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of General Electric, who said that if your organization can’t run without you for two weeks, then you are doing a bad job. I agree with him.

When a...

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