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I saw the most beautiful bird

Remember the awe and wonder you experienced the first time you went to the zoo and saw an exotic animal? Perhaps it was the tiger, giraffe, elephant, or rhino! I remember those moments.

When I was ...

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You Need To Get Away

I’m sitting on the back deck of my cabin at Forest Home in Forest Falls, CA. We are here for a week to spend time with family, make new friends, and most importantly, reconnect with God. 

We are all so busy and we don’t take time to rea...

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Your Voice Will Have Critics

Your enemies seek to silence you. When you are silenced, you are rendered ineffective and they win.

What you say matters.

How you say it matters.

THAT you say it, matters the most.

I learned a hard truth a long time ago.

A man wi...

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Zig Ziglar Affirmations

Zig Ziglar has made a huge impact on me and my life. He has inspired and encouraged me to live a more fruitful and productive life. I went to see him at a conference with his wife and I have been learning to implement his strategies in my life ...

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It’s Obvious Where You Spend Your Time

You may be trying to hide it because you don’t want anyone to know but it’s obvious to others even if you try to hide it. Everyone can tell where you spend your time and who you spend it with.

I was golfing with a group of friends and ea...

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Experienced Loss. Now What?

Everyone has lost somewhere, sometime, something, or someone. Loss is inevitable.

What do you do when you lose?

You have to keep going. You cannot stop. Perhaps you stop for a little while, regroup, and then move forward again, but in all...

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Do Good But The Good Won’t Save You

Most people I’ve met have the desire to do good. They want to be good at what they do. They want to do good deeds for others. They want to be known as a good person.

This is good.

But being good is not the answer that we need to fill th...

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Have you read John 14 lately? I just read it today and every time I read it, I am reminded that I need peace and Jesus is the source of the only peace that truly gives me what I am looking for.

Jesus promised us peace. Not the peace the worl...

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Is it Worth It?

I attend a monthly Men’s Breakfast at my church. It’s a great breakfast with eggs, bacon, country potatoes, and over 200 men as we gather to hear different lessons taught by the pastor or a visiting speaker. We eat, sing, talk, and learn. I...

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Consistency is Key

It doesn’t matter how you feel. You need to do it.

It doesn’t matter how you look. You need to do it.

It doesn’t matter how you sound. You need to do it.

It really doesn’t matter what your excuse is. You still need to do it.


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