Aaron Zapata

Embracing the Winning Mentality

I’ve got kids, and I remember when my children would ask the question, “How long is this gonna take?” It’s a common inquiry from children who want to know what it takes to complete a task and how long they’ll be occupied. Surprisingly, this same question often carries over into our adult lives, causing us to question the duration of every endeavor we undertake. However, as Tim Grover writes in his book, Winning, most people worry about how long something will take, while the winning mentality is to simply keep going until it gets done.

As realtors, we frequently find ourselves pondering how long various aspects of our work will take. We wonder how long it will take for a video or our social media efforts to take off. We question how long it will take to finish a presentation or to overcome our current challenges before moving on to the next task. It’s natural to be concerned about time, but it’s essential to embrace the mindset of a winner.

Grover’s statement resonates with me because it challenges us to shift our focus. Instead of fixating on the clock, winners concentrate on making progress until the job is completed. Whether you’re working on a project, building your website, or tackling any task, commit to working on it until it’s finished. Don’t give up, don’t ask how long it will take, and don’t be deterred by the potential timeline. Winners persevere.

The key to adopting the winning mentality is to remain unwavering in your determination. If you’re working on a project right now that needs to be done, give it your all. Pour your time, energy, and focus into it until it’s completed. Avoid the temptation to seek shortcuts or give in to doubts about the timeline. Winners understand that progress is made through consistent effort and unwavering dedication.

Are you building something for your website? Embrace the same mindset. Keep working on it, making improvements, and refining it until it reaches the level of completion you desire. Winners understand that the path to success is paved with persistence, not a clock.

So, here’s my encouragement for you today: Do what needs to be done and just keep going. Don’t let worries about time consume your thoughts. Instead, focus on the task at hand and give it your all. Remember, winners don’t concern themselves with the clock; they simply go for it.

By adopting the winning mentality, you can overcome obstacles, achieve your goals, and realize your true potential. So, stop worrying about how long something will take and start focusing on the journey itself. Embrace the power of perseverance, and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Keep going, keep pushing, and keep winning!

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