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I saw the most beautiful bird

Remember the awe and wonder you experienced the first time you went to the zoo and saw an exotic animal? Perhaps it was the tiger, giraffe, elephant, or rhino! I remember those moments.

When I was up in the mountains at Family Camp at Forest Home in Forest Falls I saw many animals. I saw a brown bear and her two cubs. They were cute and terrifying all at the same time, knowing that you don’t ever want to mess with a momma bear’s cubs.

One morning as I was writing after reading my Bible, I saw the most beautiful bird. I’ve never seen one before and haven’t seen one since. It had a red head, a yellow body, and black wings. It was small, maybe 6 inches tall, as it foraged for bugs outside my cabin. It was only there for a few minutes. But I was blessed to grab my camera and snap a photo.

What a blessing to see such a small, yet marvelous animal.

When I stop and slow my pace down I notice more things about the world around me. Perhaps, that’s one of the secrets to seeing more marvelous and wonderful things in life; we need to slow down and look.


Photo by Josie Weiss on Unsplash

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