Aaron Zapata

Sand – We Are Stronger Together

I’m blessed to live near the beach and I visit there regularly, especially when I need to recharge my soul. There’s something about walking barefoot in the sand, sitting on the beach, feeling the moist ocean breeze blow across my face, while seeing and hearing the crashing waves beat against the shore. The powerful water tosses surfers, body-boarders, and swimmers, yet it is contained and held back by the sands of the shore.

The last time I was there, I got to thinking about sand and I realized that one speck of sand by itself, is not very powerful. It’s tiny, insignificant, and easily blown about by the wind.

But sand, when put together with other specks of sand, is amazing. Water stops at the sand! But beyond the shoreline, there are literally hundreds of uses for sand.

According to Business Insider, after air and water, sand is our most used natural resource and adds uses such as making wine, food, toothpaste, and more. Sand is used to create concrete, mortar, and asphalt , sandpaper, water filtering systems, glass, computer chips, sandbags, putting out fires, and more.

We are like sand. By ourselves, we feel alone, small, insignificant, and blown around by the winds of circumstances. But when we work together to support one another and lift each other up, we become strong. We can do together, what we never thought to be possible.

So, the next time you feel alone, or try to do something alone, know this, you are not meant to be alone or go at it alone. We are stronger together and that is how God made us. From the very beginning, Eve was created to compliment Adam because “it is not good for the man to be alone.” (Genesis 2:18) Togetherness is good. Community is good.

I don’t want you to think that you can’t do anything one your own, because we are not completely helpless by ourselves. And it is completely possible to make an impact by yourself. Have you ever had a speck of sand in your eye? One speck can make an incredible impact.

So remember this, although you are one person, you have people around you who want to support you. Draw on them and offer your support to those around you. We all need each other.




Photo by jim gade on Unsplash

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