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I Have As Much Fear As Anyone Else

“I have as much fear as anyone else. The difference is what I do with it.”

I came across that quote when reading an article on LinkedIn, by Katica Roy. It got me thinking.

As a business owner in America, I do have certain fears that are similar to my peers and fellow business owners in America. I do not think that all of mankind worldwide have the same fears. Setting that aside, let’s talk about the fears business owners have and let’s talk about what you do with it.

Right now, fears are on the rise. Talk of recession is constant. Layoffs are common as businesses tighten up their budgets to brace for a slowdown economically. 

I’ve been told I’m fearless but in reality I just fear less. I have as much fear or failure as everyone else. But I have learned to deal with my fear in a way that doesn’t keep me from trying new things and taking calculated risks. 

I’ve learned to move forward because there is something far more important to me that keeps me moving forward despite my fears. That something is my trust and belief that there is a God who loves me and wants me to be successful at what I do. It’s impossible for me to separate my faith from my approach to fear. Without faith, I only have fear. With faith, I have fear coupled with the courage that comes with my faith.

I know that God has given me talents and skills and I want to use those to glorify Him. When that is my goal, the outcome of my “work” is not the most important thing. I’ve met many people who have great confidence in themselves and that spurs them forward. Honestly, that’s not me. I don’t have great confidence in myself and my skills. I don’t think I’m smart enough, have enough money, I’m not “cool” or wear the right clothes, or have all the skills needed to succeed every time. But I do have confidence that God can use what I offer as the means to great success personally and professionally.

In a way, I’m like the boy with a few fish and loaves of bread that offers what he has to Jesus. Jesus takes what little he has and then blesses it, multiplies it, and feeds thousands. 

I desire to see my little bits multiply for the good of others. So what do I do? I give it over to Jesus and ask that He use it to glorify Himself. That, by my definition, would be a success story for my life as a business owner and leader.

Going back to the beginning of this article, I have a lot of fears! We all do. But I have chosen to entrust my fears to someone else. When I find myself standing in fear, I reminded myself that I can let go of the fear, work hard and do my best, and then receive God’s peace.

Perhaps you are facing fears right now and need help trusting God with the results. Perhaps you need to strategize and make changes to your business in order to survive the looming recession. Perhaps you need to hear words of encouragement. Part of my coaching program for business owners includes these things so let’s schedule an exploratory meeting to see if working together would be beneficial to you. 




Photo by Vadim Bogulov on Unsplash

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