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On The Book Shelf – Resilient

I just finished Resilient by John Eldredge. It’s an appropriately timed book for all of us as we come out of the pandemic. He identifies deep seated needs in all of us and points to Jesus as the onl...

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Why Quiet Quitting Won’t Work for Realtors

“Quiet Quitting” the so-called notion that employees can do the least as possible to maintain their jobs, is a recipe for disaster if your are a Real Estate salesperson.

Realtors that believe that they can be successful in this business ...

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Sand – We Are Stronger Together

I’m blessed to live near the beach and I visit there regularly, especially when I need to recharge my soul. There’s something about walking barefoot in the sand, sitting on the beach, feeling the moist ocean breeze blow across my face, whil...

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The Blessing of Kind Words

I attended a networking event hosted by a magazine where I offer my services. The event was for all of the magazine advertisers. It was a great way for me to meet other business owners that also love our community.

At the event I met many of...

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The Goodness of God is Everywhere.

I’m continuing to read the book Resilient by John Eldredge and I just finished the chapter about all of us longing for “Eden”, for a restoration of all things that are good.

He points out that we all long for a return of what was good ...

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I Just Want To Quit

Sometimes, I just want to quit.

Throw in the towel.

Walk away from the burden of leading.

And hide under a rock.

Where no one can find me.

No more questions.

No more “gotta minutes?”

No more decisions to make.

Have y...

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Searching for Something More

The post pandemic world is filled with a search for something more. 

We all feel it. 

We sense it. 

We long for it. 

But we don’t know what “it” is.

One of the agents at my real estate company described her desire for a...

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